Heat pumps



A Lot of people think heat pumps is a new thing, but in actual fact it has been around for a while. The heat pump commercialized in the early 50’s when air-conditioning companies were looking for one machine to cool and heat there homes. It was an air-conditioner that could run in reverse, they called it Reversed-cycle air-conditioner or Heat pump.

A heat pump use electricity to drive the fan at the evaporator and drive the compressor. And for this it uses less electricity than an electric element inside a geyser. As a matter of fact, it uses 1KW of electricity to produce 3.88KW of energy. A conventional 3KW element uses 3KW of electricity to produce 3KW of energy. .

As compared to solar geysers, which are dependent on good sunshine, heat pumps don’t even need any sunshine they work perfectly well in the middle of the night or in the middle of a rain storm. On big hot water demands like hotels its advised to use Heat pumps as for the most hot water use is made at night and if you had solar, your backup elements would have gone on to heat the water for the morning, now imagine you had 3000L to heat up with a element or you can heat it with a heat pump at the 3rd to a quarter of the cost… this is were the heat pump dominate the solar.

Heat pump unit can be placed in any place where they will not be noticed – unlike solar collectors which have to be placed on a roof, facing the sun. A heat pump can be retrofit to an existing geyser or be installed with your solar geyser (hybrid system) to optimize your saving.


Heat pump diagram