Solar Heating

We can design and install any Solar hot water system according to your hot water demand, from domestic single units, Central heating systems, solar underfloor heating, space heating or chimney heat exchangers. 

Solar Collectors

  • Solerdome SPX
  • SolarMax
  • Powerz-on
  • Vacuum tubes

Solar Geysers


We believe in Local manufactured systems and have chosen these 2 Manufactures to work with, because of the quality of their systems and they both carry a 10 year guarantee. We also install other makes on client’s request.


The Sunstor has a marine grade aluminum sheet metal outer casing made from a highly corrosion resistant grade, successfully used in corrosion prone areas as the coast. The Aluminum outer casing will ensure for an attractive appearance that will not become unsightly over time. The inner cylinder is uniquely made (patented application) of copper with extra strengthening achieved by a full body exterior laminate epoxy/glass layer. This combination of old school copper and new world epoxy/glass lamination ensures for 400 kPa working pressure while still keeping the water quality bacteria and disease free, as only copper can.

The Sunstor geyser has a 10 year warranty and they have been in the market since 1969.


WE Geysers

The Solartherm geyser features the strength and reliability of steel whilst offering the corrosion resistance of plastic. The cylinder is lined with PEX polymer (Cross- linked polyethylene) offering unsurpassed corrosion protection and also eliminating the need for costly sacrificial anode replacements. All fitting and electrics are standard thus simplifying any possible future repairs. The unique PEX coating is suitable for all water types and will always resist any type of buildup of impurities found in water e.g. Lime build-up whilst offering extended service life. The outer casing is made from galvanized steel. The only disadvantage is that they are heavy, due to the fact they are made from n 2mm steel tank.

The WE Geyser has a 10 year warranty and they have been in the market since 1997.